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Адаптер плагина Blitz Smart Card Plugin
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Адаптер плагина Blitz Smart Card Plugin

A Reliable Chrome Extension: Blitz Smart Card Plugin

Are you looking for a convenient and secure way to use electronic signatures on Google Chrome? Look no further! The Blitz Smart Card Plugin is here to provide you with a seamless experience. With an average rating of 2.45, based on user reviews, this Chrome extension offers a range of features to enhance your digital signing process.

Effortless Integration with Blitz Smart Card Plugin Adapter

To make use of the Blitz Smart Card Plugin in your Google Chrome browser, you need to install the Blitz Smart Card Plugin adapter. This simple installation process ensures that you can seamlessly utilize electronic signatures on various devices.

Wide Range of Supported Tokens

The Blitz Smart Card Plugin supports a variety of electronic signature devices, including the Aladdin eToken / JaCarta PKI, Rutoken ECP, CryptoPro CSP 3.9 / 4.0, ESMART, and SafeNet eToken tokens. The list of supported keys may vary depending on your operating system. To find out more about the specific devices supported, visit the developer's page.

Real User Experiences

While the overall rating of 2.45 might seem low, it's important to note that users' experiences can vary. Some users have reported issues with the plugin not functioning properly. For example, Александр Неизвестный, Алексей Дырдин, and Xz Xz expressed their frustration with the extension not working as expected.

However, it's worth considering the experiences of other users. Александр Ершов mentioned having over 20 certificates and noted that while the plugin only displayed the first nine certificates on the mos.ru website, there was no option to scroll and select other certificates.

Arthur Zh encountered an error message when unpacking the plugin on MacOS Catalina. ISWIM-TECH expressed their dissatisfaction with the overall functionality of the extension, suggesting that it falls short of expectations.

On the other hand, it's important to note that not all users have faced issues. Aleksander Shulgin questioned whether the plugin works at all after installation. Stanislav Smith specifically mentioned that the plugin does not work with the 2001 GOST standard.

Improving and Enhancing the Blitz Smart Card Plugin

Based on the mixed reviews, it's clear that there are both satisfied and dissatisfied users of the Blitz Smart Card Plugin. The developers should consider addressing the reported issues to enhance the functionality and reliability of the extension.

Despite the challenges some users have faced, the Blitz Smart Card Plugin remains a valuable tool for electronic signatures in the Google Chrome browser. With continuous improvements and updates, it has the potential to become an indispensable extension for users who require secure and convenient electronic signing capabilities.

Supports multiple types of electronic signatures

Compatible with various types of tokens

22 reviews
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